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Find Your Gold Course

The FIND YOUR GOLD (FYG) Course is a transformational six module course that helps 21st century maverick create a pathway from no idea at all and zero creativity to practical ideas and intentionally launching an income generating business.

Entrepreneurship is not the exclusive right of a few ingenious men or women, but it is the privilege of everyone who desires to learn and so make a difference. Everyone has the spirit of entrepreneurship, they only need to discover, develop and deploy it.

Each module is thought provoking and creatively engaging, created with the person who needs to start earning an income from no income or who needs to start out on the journey of self discovery and Entrepreneurship in mind.

THE FYG Course is a collosi of practical wisdom and creativity that is to ignite passion and innovative inquisitiveness in the 21st century person who desires more. Whether its from no idea or ideas to much more

Who Is This Course For?

  • It is for the person who does not know how to navigate from where they are to the next level.
  • It is for the person who thinks they lack creativity and cannot launch a business.
  • It is for the person who desires to start earning an income from zero income.
  • It is for the person who needs to transit from employment to deploying their gifts and actually starting a gainful business.
  • It is for the person who wants to discover themselves and harness their gifts.
  • It is for the person who desires to start the journey of growing into their full potential.

Course Modules

  • Class 1

    INTRODUCTION TO PERSONAL DISCOVERY & SELF AWARENESS: The objective of this module is focused on helping the students begin a journey of self discovery, awareness and growth.
  • Class 2

    PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS SUCCESS: This module is focused on helping students learn and practice the universal principles of business success.
  • Class 3

    LAWS OF WEALTH CREATION: Laws govern the earth. This module is crafted to help students understand the laws that govern the universe, so as to activate the innate creativity in them and release their entrepreneurial potentials.
  • Class 4

    LAWS OF BUSINESS INNOVATION: This module helps students understand and unveil their innate and latent creativity for innovative ideas.
  • Class 5

    HOW TO FIND YOUR PASSION BUSINESS? This module is focused on helping students generate their own creative and profitable ideas so they can create businesses from their passion or potentials.
  • Class 6

    BUSINESS LAUNCH: This module is focused on helping students actually launch their businesses right from where they are. The module empowers them to start taking the first steps required to launch their businesses.

The FIND YOUR GOLD COURSE is a rich curriculum that will equip and empower students with the required skills, clear focus and relevant knowledge to incubate an idea and turn that idea into an income generating venture.

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