Welcome to the Leading Ladies Business Institute LLBI, where we are passionate about Women, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment. We are the One-Stop Solution provider for the 21st-century female entrepreneur.

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The Leading Ladies Business Institute

Welcome to the Leading Ladies Business Institute (LLBI), where our passion lies in empowering and nurturing the potential of women in leadership and entrepreneurship. We proudly serve as the all-in-one solution for the modern African female entrepreneur.
We Thrive

What We Do

At LLBI, we provide world class and affordable 360 degrees financial and business education to the everyday African woman.
Women Empowerment
When a woman is empowered, an entire generation is empowered. Only empowered women have the capacity to empower others! Get on the growth lane! Get Empowered
Webinars & Seminars
We provide a plethora of knowledge packed webinars and seminars that will enable you to tap into your unlimited potentials.

Financial Education
Get empowered for life, through our rich array of entrepreneurial courses specifically designed to help you achieve business success and Financial freedom.

Our Community
We are not just a business school, we are an institution where women experience continuous growth and support through our sisters connect platform.

The Motivation

We Love Women

We believe every woman is a goldmine of resources, so deserves quality investment in a growth-inducing environment where she can spread her wings and fly without fear.
We love women! And our passion is wooven into every transformational session and interraction with each woman, because to us, every woman is royalty and should be treated as such.
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LLBI was born out of a passion to help the everyday African woman discover her genius and fulfill her often forgotten or neglected dreams. This we have done relentlessly since 2016.
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Follow up with our activities and discover new opportunities for personal and business growth. Our blog exposes you to a wide range of quality information focused on women development and growth across various sectors.

Personal Development For Business Success

Personal development cannot be overemphasized for success in business and financial growth to take place..
February 9, 2023

Highlights From Our Last Conference

The leading ladies business institute had a large number of women at her last conference….
February 9, 2023

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