Welcome to the Leading Ladies Business Institute LLBI, where we are passionate about Women, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment. We are the One-Stop Solution provider for the 21st-century female entrepreneur.

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Leading Ladies Business Institute

Welcome to the Leading Ladies Business Institute (LLBI), where our passion lies in empowering and nurturing the potential of women in leadership and entrepreneurship. We proudly serve as the all-in-one solution for the modern African female entrepreneur.

What We Do

At LLBI, we offer affordable, world-class, transformational leadership and business education to empower the everyday woman.

Our leadership and business education for women in Africa is not only a means of personal and economic empowerment but also a key driver for societal progress, gender equality, and sustainable development across the continent.

Our focus

Strategic Objectives

Empower 500k African Women as business leaders by the year 2030.
Establish a comprehensive digital resource hub aimed at empowering African women excel as industry-specific business leaders.
Establish a thriving community of women dedicated to reshaping Africa’s economic landscape through entrepreneurial initiatives.

Our Vision

To empower African women as business leaders in today’s economy.

Our Mission Statement

To empower female entrepreneurs in Africa through world-class leadership and business education, while fostering an inspiring community for economic growth and development.
We Thrive

Our Value Statements

At LLBI, we uphold the belief that each member of our team and every woman we serve is a person of royalty deserving the highest investments of love, access to excellent resources, world-class training, unwavering respect and empathy from every member of our team.
We are dedicated to the principles of continuous, never-ending improvement, a cornerstone value in our commitment to delivering exceptional, world-class services to women in Africa.

We embrace our responsibility to provide visionary leadership to the women who entrust us with shaping their future decisions. Our commitment extends to a visionary approach in our business endeavors and addressing challenges both within and beyond our organization.
As a world-class organization working with resilient women, we channel our efforts into embracing creativity, innovation, and originality. This allows us to adapt to the diverse needs of the women we serve.
We maintain a forward-thinking approach in all our endeavors. Our organization is purpose-driven, goal-oriented, and unwavering in our pursuit of excellence. We value strong relentless momentum for all goals and objectives.
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